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JAM stands for character, uniqueness and authenticity.
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Talent Talk


Real life stories from our talent

Talent Talk

"As always, working on set was so much fun! We filmed the TVC in a huge mansion which was super cool. I really like the end result, the commercial is super funny and looks great. But my favourite part of this whole experience was having to eat crisps for hours while filming... it was a hard day at the office haha"

Antony A., TVNZ+ TVC
Talent Talk

"Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to be a model for Samsung NZ. I loved working with the photographers to showcase the different outfits and phone themes, and felt very comfortable as the team were friendly and welcoming! As this was my first shoot as a model, I was happy to learn and be directed in which poses and expressions worked best for their vision. It was a fun experience that gave me an insight into what it takes to model professionally, and I take my hat off to those that do! So many squats involved! Who knew!? But I loved being apart of this shoot and working with the creatives behind it!"

Aubrie M., Samsung NZ Still Shoot
Talent Talk

"We did a good one. The whole staff were great, no demands, so lovely to me. My favourite part was the pride I felt walking out of the new flat, I felt so good. I got on with the job like I do with every job and enjoyed every minute. The money was a plus and the lunches were so amazing. Everybody there, the lighting crew, the camera man, the director, the chefs, people were running around and they all had a purpose and a job. We all worked together to get it all done and they were so polite to me. I’m Happy!"

Morrin C., BNZ TVC
Talent Talk

"I recently had an amazing experience working on a Netflix TV series as one of the supporting roles. I was so lucky to work with a world class movie crew and many talented actors. We shot for six months and during that time I made a lot of good friends and learnt so much. It has been a wonderful journey. "

Harvey G., Netflix TV series
Talent Talk

"Being on set was so fun. Talking with really creative, active people and the crew were very friendly and very cooperative. It was fun to be in a scene where it was playful, playing a character that is totally opposite to myself. All in all the experience was fun and I want to thank Jam Talent for this awesome opportunity, to have been part of such a fun kiwiana like set where it didn't feel like work at all but felt like a space in which we all showed the best part of our creativity. "

Jim P., Odd Company TVC
Talent Talk

"It's always SUCH FUN playing dress ups and listening to funky tunes when shooting for Cathy Pope. The team were so lovely and vibrant, we laughed all day long. The atmosphere was super relaxed, it didn't feel like work at all. The opportunity to be pampered and fed is one I am always grateful for. Oh... and to be surrounded by all those stunning sparkling crystals... thats my kind of day!"

Yogamani S., Cathy Pope Jewellery - Real Women Campaign
Talent Talk

"I landed my first job as a featured Chef in a Taco Bell TVC. The entire experience from going to the audition and filming was such a thrill and adrenaline rush. I love the experience of acting out a scene, getting picked for the job and then being on set filming... it's so awesome. It really opens your eyes to behind the scenes of a production and just makes you want to do more. In an ideal word I would love to do this full time and would grab any opportunity to do it again. I encourage anyone that wants to give it a go to call Jam Talent now and get signed up. So proud to be a Jammer."

Talent Talk

"Really great fun. The client and photographer were very easy to work with. Everyone was so lovely, organised and really helped me to feel relaxed in-front of the camera. I felt like I could talk to the photographer and ask questions. "

Anne T., Boehringer Ingelheim Imagefilm
Talent Talk

"Doing the Vodafone add was very exiting and was an eye opener for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more work. It was interesting how over the many shots that were taken, how the editing team condensed it down to 2 mins. Also with the right lighting they are able to make any time of day look real."

Graeme B., 'VODAFONE 5G TVC'
Talent Talk

"Thanks JAM! This was probably one of the easiest jobs I’ve done and the crew I was working with were all really nice. They were so happy with me as my scene took a short time to nail and the positive feedback I received from the directors made me feel great. Everyone on set had wonderful things to say about JAM and I definitely agree with them all. Thanks team!"

Talent Talk

"Working on Shortland Street was amazing! The first couple of days were nerve racking and a little bit intense, since my first scenes were on location, but I soon felt so welcomed by everyone and apart of the team! I was pushed out of my comfort zone by doing this but I've had so much fun along the way and I've gained a lot of confidence."

Talent Talk

"This job was a piece of cake, such an easy and fun shoot. Although after an hour I did get a bit sick of looking at my reflection haha! Brad the Successful Businessman was a cool character, a bit different from roles I've had before. I really enjoyed the shoot! "

Talent Talk

"What a great way to spend an afternoon. Kudos to the entire crew who were very professional, friendly and relaxed. They made the whole experience a pure joy. Thank you, everyone at JAM Talent. I'm looking forward to the next job."

Jeffery L, 'NEWSHUB TVC'
Talent Talk

"Everyone involved in the process from the audition through to the actual ‘shoot’ was positive, friendly and a true professional in their field of expertise. I have previously been an extra on some movies and featured in a couple of ad campaigns but this was my first time flying solo in front of the camera.... and with lines to remember. I was made to feel at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and my ’15 minutes of fame’, with the added bonus of gaining a little more experience in the industry."

Talent Talk

"The shoot was an awesome experience! The scene involved my BBQ catching fire, so there was a fire safety technician on set, and it was so much fun playing with fire all day! Pyrotechnics all 'round! The rest of the crew were really cool too and treated me so well. It was so much fun playing around that it really didn't feel like work."

Talent Talk

"Thanks JAM - I really enjoyed being involved with the production of the Netflix TV Series The Legend of Monkey. It went really well and the crew were very pleased with the JAM extras, both with following instruction well, and being reliable. The AD looking after us kept saying we were the best team of extras she had ever worked with!! "

Talent Talk

"Working on set was a great experience, I really enjoyed myself and everyone was so nice. It’s so different to what I normally do everyday and lunch was organised for everyone which was an added bonus. The location was very interesting, it was such a big operation and to see how the whole crew worked together to make the shoot possible was fascinating. It was a great day and I’m thankful for the opportunity."

Peter D., Metlifecare Still Shoot
Talent Talk

"Getting this gig was honestly the best feeling especially because it was my first speaking roll on screen. The casting director was so welcoming and fun which really calmed my nerves. On set everyone was so friendly from hair and make up to having lunch with the whole crew and other actors. I feel really blessed having JAM support me in all that I do and look forward to many more opportunities in the future."

Talent Talk

"Thanks JAM for the great booking on Shortland Street. My role playing a featured patient was awesome, the other cast members on set were all very friendly and fun to work with. I'd love to do it all over again!"

Talent Talk

"Thank you JAM for the great opportunities, it becomes more fun and easier each time. This was such a lovely crew to work with."


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